Suture passer systems and methods for palate suspension and compression

Patent Number: 9386981

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

Suture passer systems for tissue suspension and tissue compression, and more particularly for palate or tongue suspension, are described. The system can include at least a first elongate tubular body or shaft, a needle having a lateral bias carried by the elongate body, and a retrieval element operably connected to the elongate tubular body. The needle can have a substantially straight configuration when located within the elongate tubular body, and be configured to exit an opening at or near a distal end of the elongate tubular body and assume a laterally biased or curved shape to form a path through tissue. The needle is configured to carry a suture. The retrieval element can be configured to retrieve the suture carried by the needle after the needle has formed a curved or otherwise angled path through tissue. The system can also include one or more bone anchors to secure the suture loops. Methods of placing one or more suture loops into tissue, such as the base of the palate or tongue, are also described.


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