Sanitary disposable unisex urine device

Patent Number: 9387142

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

A sanitary disposable urine device is provided. The device includes an inner ring and outer ring each having a top surface and opposing bottom surface. The outer ring is substantially concentric with the inner ring and may be offset. At least one of the top surfaces of the inner and outer rings conforms to a body contour of a user's perineum. The device further includes a hand holder coupled to the bottom surface of the inner ring, the hand holder having an opening configured to match to the inner ring. The device also includes a fluid containing bag having an open end attached to the hand holder such that fluid flows through the inner ring and the opening of the hand holder into the fluid containing bag during usage. The device also includes an inner bag inside the fluid containing bag for containing an absorbent material and an outer sealable bag to secure the device after use.


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A 61 F 5 451
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