Revascularization devices

Patent Number: 9387098

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

Systems, methods, and devices for the treatment of acute ischemic stroke that provide immediate blood flow restoration to a vessel occluded by a clot and, after reestablishing blood flow, address the clot itself. Immediate blood flow restoration advantageously can facilitate natural lysis of the clot and also can reduce or obviate the concern for distal embolization due to fragmentation of the clot. Several embodiments of the invention provide for progressive, or modular, treatment based upon the nature of the clot. For example, the progressive treatment can comprise a three-step progressive treatment process that includes immediate restoration of blood flow, in-situ clot management, and/or clot removal depending on the particular circumstances of the treatment. The in-situ clot management can include, for example, lysis and maceration. The progressive, or modular, treatment can be provided by a system or kit of one or more treatment devices.


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