Painting support board

Patent Number: 9386856

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

A painting support system that includes a painting support board for holding artist's panels or canvases that is colored to mimic the frame for the finished painting. A reference line grid is scribed on the painting support board more accurately draw and observe straight lines. A continuous loop strip of a hook and loop system placed on all four sides of the support board. A mahl stick with a hook patch of the hook and loop system placed on a tip of the mahl stick allows the artist to attach the mahl stick anywhere on the support board to the loop strip to steady and support the hand while painting.


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William P Duffy - - -


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A 47 B 97 04
B 44 D 3 04
B 44 D 3 00
F 16 B 1 00