Modular intraocular lens designs and methods

Patent Number: 9387069

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

A modular IOL system including intraocular primary and secondary components, which, when combined, form an intraocular optical correction device, wherein the secondary component is placed on the primary component within the perimeter of the capsulorhexis, thus avoiding the need to touch or otherwise manipulate the capsular bag. The secondary component may be manipulated, removed, and/or exchanged for a different secondary component for correction or modification of the optical result, on an intra-operative or post-operative basis, without the need to remove the primary component and without the need to manipulate the capsular bag. The primary component may have haptics extending therefrom for centration in the capsular bag, and the secondary component may exclude haptics, relying instead on attachment to the primary lens for stability. Such attachment may reside radially inside the perimeter of the capsulorhexis and radially outside the field of view to avoid interference with light transmission.


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