Magnetic field-compatible components of a medical diagnostic and/or therapeutic system

Patent Number: 9386967

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

A medical device assembly comprises a medical device comprising a shaft having proximal and distal end portions. The device further comprises a sensor at the distal end portion of the shaft that comprises first and second leads extending therefrom to the proximal end portion of the shaft. The device further comprises an electromechanical connector having a plurality of pins at a first end thereof. First and second of the pins are electrically connected to the first and second sensor leads, respectively, thereby forming a first partial magnetic loop between the first and second pins. The connector further comprises first and second jumpers electrically connecting the first pin and third pins, and second and fourth pins, respectively, thereby forming a second partial magnetic loop. The partial magnetic loops are configured to combine with partial magnetic loops of another connector to form a pair of magnetic noise cancellation loops.


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