Integral dripper with an elongated exit pool

Patent Number: 9386752

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

A discrete flat dripper of the non-pressure regulated type of drippers or of the pressure compensated—flow rate regulated type of drippers, suited for being integrally installed within a hose, that comprises a body component whose configuration is essentially rectangular, wherein on its one side that is suited to being affixed to an internal wall of the hose, formed with an exit pool that it is elongated in its dimensions and substantially extends along the entire length of the body component, and with a flow passage circumferentially surrounding a substantial part of the elongated exit pool, and an integral dripper line wherein there are integrated at least one of such discrete flat dripper, and optionally and as enabled by the elongated exit pool, the water outlet opening that is formed at the hose wall opposite the elongated exit pool and within its boundaries, is in a configuration of a thin and long slit.


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