Implantable fixture

Patent Number: 9387027

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

A self-tapping fixture is implantable in a bone. The fixture extends generally longitudinally from an apical end to a distal end along a longitudinal axis L and has a periphery, the periphery comprises a first zone A extending away from the apical end to merge with a second zone B, the second zone B extending away from the first zone A to merge with a third zone C, the third zone C extending away from the second zone B to merge with a fourth zone D and the fourth zone D extending away from the third zone to terminate at the distal end of the fixture, and the third zone C is provided with a plurality of thread wraps each merging from the periphery and extending generally radially away therefrom to terminate at a generally rounded wrap ends.


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Jonathon Yigal Yahav - - -


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A 61 B 17 86
A 61 C 8 00