Disposable absorbent article

Patent Number: 9387132

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

A disposable absorbent article includes a chassis and a liquid-absorbent structure. The chassis has an inner sheet lying on a skin-facing side and an outer sheet lying on a garment-facing side. The outer sheet has a first outer sheet and a second outer sheet lying inside the first outer sheet. The second outer sheet is formed on its outer surface with a display area extending in a longitudinal direction. The liquid-absorbent structure is formed with a central void and lateral voids in which core material for a core is not present. The display area can be visually recognized from the garment-facing side through the first outer sheet and from the skin-facing side also through the central void of the liquid-absorbent structure.


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A 61 F 13 42
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