Check valve drinking device

Patent Number: 9386870

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

A fluid control drinking device is provided for reducing the backflow of fluid from a drinking straw into a larger container after a user has ceased drawing a vacuum on the outlet end. The device comprises a fluid conduit and a check valve. The conduit may be a standard drinking straw or similar structure. The check valve is a one-way hinge closure which acts as a sealing flap. Suction is applied by a drinking user, which results in the sealing flap rotating upwardly about its hinge. In this open position, liquid is allowed to flow through the conduit and past the sealing flap so that a user may drink from the straw outlet end. Cessation of suction causes the flap to return to a resting state, sealing off the fluid conduit and preventing fluid from returning to the container. In this way, the straw is continually filed with liquid, illuminating large pockets of air that the user ingests upon a subsequent suction.


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