Apparatus, system and method for producing fungi for use in a ecosystem

Patent Number: 9386751

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

An apparatus, system and method for producing fungi for use in an ecosystem provides a production substrate and a spawn substrate that can be combined on demand to cultivate fungi and fungi byproducts. The substrates go through a systematic process by which they are prepared, positioned in separate sections of the vessel, sanitized, inoculated with a fungi culture, and finally combined at la later time and place demand by cutting the seal. In this manner, the shelf life is extended. The vessel is then placed inside a dispersion container, where the fungi and fungi byproducts disperse towards the ecosystem. The dispersion container comprises a container exhaust for allowing a vessel exhaust to at least partially pass through. The fungi by product directionally releases from the vessel exhaust through a vessel exhaust, such as a mesh or webbed aperture sized to release gases and extraneous liquids.


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