Anterior stabilized PCL retaining total knee prosthesis

Patent Number: 9387084

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

A knee prosthesis that includes a tibial component and femoral component. The tibial component includes an articular surface, a posterior portion and an anterior portion. The posterior portion includes a recess for receipt of a posterior cruciate ligament. The anterior portion includes a post extending therefrom. The post includes a posterior surface. The femoral component includes a condylar portion and an intercondylar portion. The intercondylar portion includes a posterior recess for receipt of the posterior cruciate ligament, a cam, and an engagement recess for receipt of the post. The cam includes a sliding surface and is disposed between the engagement recess and posterior recess. The sliding surface of the cam slides along the posterior surface of the post for restricting anterior subluxation of a femur bone when the articular surface and the condylar portion articulates through flexion of a knee joint.


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Michael A. Masini - - -
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