Adjustable crutch

Patent Number: 9387144

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

A crutch includes: a handgrip (2) extending along a first axis (AA1); a forearm support (3), provided with a stem (3b) which extends along a second axis (AA2) and is connected to a rear end (2a) of the handgrip (2); a support pole (4), extending along a third axis (AA3) and connected to a front end (2a) of the handgrip (2); and adjusting members (5), configured to adjust an angular position of at least one of the support pole (4) and the forearm support (3) with respect to the handgrip (2).


First Name Last Name City State Country
Renato Brignone - - -
Paolo Villa - - -


Section Class Sub Class Group Sub Group
A 61 H 3 02
A 63 C 11 22