Rotational atherectomy device with distal protection capability and method of use

Patent Number: 9387006

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

A rotational device for removing a stenotic lesion from within a vessel of a patient is disclosed. The device comprises a flexible hollow drive shaft having a distal end insertable into the vessel and an abrasive element located on the drive shaft proximal to the distal end of the drive shaft to abrade a stenotic lesion when the drive shaft rotates. The hollow drive shaft defines a lumen for fluid supplied into the drive shaft to flow in an antegrade direction along the lumen and into the vessel from the drive shaft distal to the abrasive element so that the fluid entering the vessel flows in a retrograde direction over the abrasive element and the drive shaft to entrain debris abraded by the abrasive element for removal of said debris from the patient.


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