Intravenous deep vein thrombosis filter and method of filter placement

Patent Number: 9387062

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

A vascular filter system and method are disclosed. In one embodiment, the filter system comprises a dispensing needle releasably attached to a filter dispenser which stores a length of filter wire. The filter wire dispenser has a guide tube which guides the filter wire into the needle and then into a vein during surgical implantation. The filter wire is configured to coil into a predetermined shape as it is deployed from the needle. The shape of the filter wire captures blood clots in the blood stream. Once the filter wire is deployed, the needle may be removed and a portion of the filter wire may be left protruding from the patient's skin surface to allow the filter wire to be secured by a fixation device. A syringe may be used to draw blood to confirm that the needle is properly positioned within a vein before the filter wire is deployed.


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