Compact blender for frozen beverages

Patent Number: 9386882

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

A blender that is compact enough for home use, rugged enough to blend frozen beverages, simple to use and safe. The blender includes an upper housing, with a front housing door; that covers the moving blending machinery. The blender also includes a cupholder receiving area which allows the user to safely insert a frozen beverage cup inside a cupholder for blending. After the start button is pressed, a cupholder lip will be grasped by the clamping jaw of an elevator assembly to lift the cupholder. As the cupholder is lifted upward, a cover will be pressed over the top opening of the inserted cup to prevent spillage during blending. The elevator assembly will then continue to lift the cupholder upward until the rotating cutter blades of a spindle assembly cut through successive layers of the frozen beverage.


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A 47 J 43 07
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